About IBI

About IBI



For over 40 years, building developers, property owners and managers in the Pacific Northwest have trusted IBI to ensure their buildings are properly planned, constructed and maintained. We’re known for our open communication and expert oversight of construction issues, and for providing clear guidance and tools for issues ranging from investigations and remediation to maintenance and warranties. We value people and community, over prestige. Our clients love our straightforward expertise and down to earth approach, often lacking in national firms and large corporations.


About IBI


It takes many people and centuries of experience to cover the range and level of services provided by IBI. Our team of experts includes architects, investigators, writers and support professionals dedicated to provide clear communication and the highest quality of service.


We’re known throughout the region for our clarity, honesty and integrity. This has helped create strong and trusted partnerships with a number of highly respected industry professionals, such as building developers, engineers, community and property managers, contractors and attorneys. These valued partnerships enable IBI to provide exceptional service and quality work.



  • ASTM E06.24 Bldg. Preservation and Rehab. Tech. Committee
  • ASTM 06.51 Performance of Windows, Doors, Skylights & Curtain Walls Committee
  • ASTM E06.55 Ext. Bldg. Wall Systems Committee


March 18, 2017

"IBI has provided thorough and timely inspection, evaluation and reporting service regarding construction defects, building envelope water intrusion issues and materials failure and improper installation. IBI has very good understanding of the industry, codes and standards."

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